Vehicle Recalls: How to Stay Informed

In this guide we walk you through the three steps to getting all of your vehicle recalls repaired for free, and how to register your safety equipment to get recall information before it fails. Preventative maintenance is the best kind of maintenance.

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Need to Know: Electric Cars & The Environment

This week there was a major development in the short history of electric cars. Elon Musk and Tesla Motors announced their third model, the Model ?, and are attempting to make owning an electric car that has top of class safety and range affordable to everyone. This raises a big question that comes up every […]

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Need to Know: Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are a staple of pretty much all vehicles manufactured since 1995. Even though "transponder" sounds like something out of Star Trek, they are important piece of kit you need to know a few things about, especially if you plan on making a second set of keys or if you lose you keys at some point during the life of your vehicle.

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Vehicle Earthquake Preparedness in Victoria, BC

By Parkside Motors / January 12, 2016 / Articles, Need To Know, Tips / No Comments

It has been two weeks since a fairly substantial 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit North Saanich and gave everyone (and everything) a good shake. The media, along with scientific researchers, have been telling Vancouver Island residents to plan ahead for an even larger earthquake that could cause unprecedented damage. In this article we take a look at the three types of earthquakes that could occur on the island and layout a solid plan for what you should have in your vehicle to be prepared if an ...

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Why won’t my key turn?

By Parkside Motors / December 10, 2015 / From The Mailbag / No Comments

In this series of Q&A posts we are using google’s autocomplete function to find the most commonly asked questions about cars and giving them each a definitive answer. This week we answer the question “why won't my key turn in the ignition?”

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Should I warm up my car in winter?

In this series of Q&A posts we are using google's autocomplete function to find the most commonly asked questions about cars and giving them each a definitive answer. This week we answer the question "should I warm up my car in winter?"

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Winter Battery Tests

By Parkside Motors / October 28, 2015 / Articles, Tips / No Comments

Winter is nearly here, and cold weather means reduced battery power and increased drain. Here is how we test it, and also how we fix it, in this week's Battery Round-Up.

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Why does my car burn oil?

By Parkside Motors / October 6, 2015 / From The Mailbag, Tips / 1 Comment

In this series of Q&A posts we are using google's autocomplete function to find the most commonly asked questions about cars and giving them each a definitive answer. This week we answer the question "why does my car burn oil?"

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Light Flicker Explained

By Parkside Motors / August 31, 2015 / Articles, Tips / No Comments

One interesting phenomenon of car ownership is headlight flicker. It can happen from time to time for a variety of reasons and it can leave the owner frustrated and confused about what is causing it and how big of a deal it is. Here are three causes, and three solutions to get you sorted out.

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Choose the Right Jumper Cables

Our previous post on how to properly boost a dead battery has lead us to another important topic. It is a really good idea to take a moment when you are choosing what type of jumper cable to buy to keep in your trunk. Not everyone needs to buy the most expensive cables, but there are a few good rules of thumb to help you choose wisely and get exactly what you need.

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My Car Tire Has a Bubble, Help!

A bubble in the sidewall of your tire can really only mean one thing. Click here to read how it got there and how to fix it.

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How to Jump Start Your Vehicle

By Parkside Motors / July 26, 2015 / Need To Know, Tips / No Comments

This one might seem like a no brainer, but it can be confusing, especially since it only comes up once in a while. Here is an illustrated look at how to boost your vehicle safely in no time flat.

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Should I Use The Parking Brake In My Auto Trans Car?

In this instalment of "From the Mailbag" Andrew Kralt settles a civil disagreement about the use of the parking break in automatic transmission vehicles. It is nice to see things settled, once and for all.

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Most Common Car Repairs

Ever wonder what the most common car repairs are in North America and how much they cost? This survey found some interesting results, along with some great ideas about how to avoid some of the more costly and unnecessary repairs.

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Tire Care For Families

By Parkside Motors / July 9, 2015 / Articles, Tips / No Comments

Since your tires are the only part of your vehicle that is actually ON the road, you can assume that they are integral to essentially all aspects of how your vehicle handles, rides, starts, stops, accelerates, and handles all manner of weather. Tires can be a bit confusing though, and we field quite a few basic questions about how to check them for damage, maintenance, and replacement. This infographic will tell you everything you need to know and then some.

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When to Change to Summer Tires

When the weather is starting to warm up, but you think that there might be another bout of cool weather coming, it can be difficult to decide when you should bring your vehicle into the shop to have your winter tires replaced with your summer set. There is a simple rule of thumb to take into consideration that makes the decision very simple, read all about it, right here.

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