Your Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors start and stop the flow of fuel into the engine. A clogged or dirty fuel injector will not deliver the optimal amount of fuel required for the air/fuel ratio – reducing your engine’s efficiency. A fuel injector service flushes your injectors and gets your engine running smoothly again.

Time & Expense?

Time / 40 / 100

Expense / 40 / 100

Description & Procedure

Fuel injectors get clogged mainly due to carbon build up from normal engine operation. When the injectors start to clog, they are not able to maintain the ideal air/fuel ratio that your engine needs to operate properly. This can cause engine misfiring or poor performance in general.

To flush your fuel injectors we intercept your vehicle’s fuel line and introduce a specially formulated fuel injector flush chemical. When we start up your engine using this fuel/cleaner combo, the fuel injectors get flushed and cleaned from the inside out. By making the engine run on this specially formulated fluid until it is all used up, we are able to ensure that the fuel rail and injectors are free from obstruction and working as efficiently as possible.


Symptoms that could indicate a possible injector performance issue include running rough, misfires, poor acceleration, hard starting, and black smoke. These could be caused by other things as well, but after a process of elimination by your technician we can isolate the issue.
Essentially the problem will just keep getting worse until your car breaks down, usually at the most inconvenient time. If your car has been having any of the symptoms above, just let us know at your next regularly scheduled maintenance and we can isolate the issue and suggest a fuel injector flush if needed.

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