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The Mitsubishi Delica is a range of trucks and multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) built by Mitsubishi since 1968. It was originally based on a small pickup truck introduced the previous year, also called the Delica, its name a contraction of the English language phrase Delivery car. These vehicles have become the most popular direct import, right hand drive, Japanese vehicle in Victoria, largely because its unique shape and retro style appeal to the surfing, snowboarding, and west coast inspired crowd.

There are some unusual challenges with working on Delica’s, which explains why many shops do not take on customers who drive these vehicles. At Parkside we have a growing clientele of Delica owners and we are happy to help get your quality service that meets the unique needs of these imported vehicles.


Delica Repair Services

Delica’s are different than any other North American or European vehicle, which makes them a challenge to maintain and repair, even for a dedicated automotive repair shop. Lack of readily available information is the number one problem. What specs should you look for? Where are the fuses?  How do you find specific components without taking the whole thing apart? Theses questions are no-brainers when it comes to standard vehicles, but with an import like a Delica, even something routine can become overwhelming if you have never worked on them.

With a Delica, the only way you can get to know them is by working on them constantly, digging deep for information and specs that are hard to acquire, and doing extra research on each service project to make sure your are going down the right path.  Many shops won’t work on them because they don’t want the headaches that go along with them, a major one being the availability of parts. At Parkside we get around this issue by partnering with Rocky Mountain Imports for all of our Delica parts. They keep many things on hand for us, including oil filters and regularly serviced parts, but they also order specific parts from Japan for us to complete less common repair jobs.

Because the imports come from Asia you can expect a bit of a delay with a major repair, often waiting 2 weeks for parts to arrive to begin the labour. This is a major issue for other shops as they don’t want these trucks filling their lot while they wait for weeks to get parts. We are happy to wait, though, and we now have many customers who are Delica owners. Even though it is a narrow market we are happy to investigate any issues and relish the opportunity to broaden our knowledge of these vehicles and serve our clients better as the years go on.

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