About The Program

Apprenticeship training has been an important part of Parkside Motors culture for the last 35 years. Andrew Kralt, one of our current technicians, graduated the program almost 20 years ago, and is a testament to the lasting bond created through the mentor/apprentice relationship.

The program is a four year qualification administered by Camosun College which offers the practical experience necessary to become fully qualified through Levels 2, 3 and 4 to get your journeyman’s certificate of qualification. Students spend 80% of their time with hands on experience and are given the rare opportunity to earn a living while studying their chosen profession.

The Five Steps

1. Foundations: 30 week pre-apprenticeship.

2. 4 year apprenticeship through level 4.

3. Earn your journeyman’s certificate.

4. Write the Red Seal exam.

5. Enjoy nation-wide recognition as an automotive technician.

Foundations: Pre-Apprenticeship

This Foundations program covers general automotive practices, fuel and electrical/electronic systems, engine performance and repair, and is required for students entering the program with little to no automotive experience. In 30 weeks, students graduate with the skills and knowledge that make them highly employable within many areas of the automotive industry, including lube technician, tire repair technician, brake & muffler installer, parts person, and a broad range of other positions.

Our current apprentice Mike, pictured above, recently finished the Foundations program, and as a stand out pupil, was hand chosen by Parkside Motors to apprentice with our experienced staff.

Moving On Up: Apprenticeship

After graduating from the Foundations course students move on to apprenticeship, which is a 4 year program consisting of 4-6 weeks of classes on campus at Camosun College and the rest of the time spent in the shop in hands on experience.

Gaining the practical experience necessary to become fully qualified technician is the goal, and after working through level 2, 3, and 4 of training students earn their journeyman’s certificate. With this qualification you will be eligible to write the inter-provincial Red Seal exam giving you nation wide recognition as an automotive technician.

Looking for more details regarding the Industry Training Program apprenticeship? Have a look at the  ITA Accredited Program profiles for Automotive Service Technician Certification.

Get a Job, Then Go To School

Apprenticeship allows a unique opportunity for a motivated young person. That is, to earn a living while learning a trade and graduating with a resume thick with work experience. Apprentices are paid 50% of the journeyman’s wage from the start, with wage increases every 6 months. By the time the 4 year program is complete, apprentices graduate with a national qualification, 4 years of job experience, and are earning the same wage as their colleagues in the shop.

Many shops like to keep apprentices on the lube rack doing oil changes for a few years while they get their bearings. Not at Parkside Motors. We look at each apprentice’s aptitude in the various areas of automotive repair and help them get their feet wet gradually through observation, assisting in larger repairs, then getting their hands dirty solving problems on their own. There is no better experience than hands on practical experience, and every day at the shop brings new challenges and teachable moments for our apprentices.

Meet The Mentors

Sheryl Doucette
Service Advisor

Hi everyone, my name is Sheryl Doucette, and I am Parkside's Service Advisor.

Kevin Rathwell

Hi, my name is Kevin and I am a mechanic at Parkside Motors Victoria.

Malachi Harrison

My name is Malachi, I am an apprentice getting my Red Seal Certification at Parkside Motors.

Kris Cooper

My name is Kris Cooper, and I am a Red Seal Certified technician at Parkside.