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A car alarm that goes off unprovoked can be frustrating and embarrassing, especially if it goes off in the middle of the night or in crowded locations. If your car alarm seems to have a mind of its own and isn’t responding to the buttons on your fob, there are some possible solutions you can try at home before taking it into the shop.

Shut-Off Switch

If you had an after-market alarm fitted, the installer probably included a shut-off switch for the alarm. The switch is usually placed in the area around the driver’s feet, hidden away from possible thieves. Look around this area, or consult your alarm system manual, to find the switch. Once you find it, you should be able to shut off the system by holding the switch down for a few seconds.

Disconnect the Fuse

Another way to shut off the car alarm system, if you are unable to find a shut-off switch, is to disconnect the fuse for the alarm. For a factory system, you can try to locate the fuse in one of the fuse panels in your car and disconnect the fuse that controls the car alarm. The fuse you are looking for is sometimes marked, but if not, consult your owner’s manual. If you have an aftermarket system, often the fuses are buried under the dash and may not be easily found or accessed.

Reset the Fuse

It is possible to reset the alarm system. First, try using your key in the lock to lock the door, and then turning it on again to open it. If this doesn’t work, there may be other ways to reset your car alarm system that are specific to your car. Consult your owner’s manual to see if a different sequence is required.

Disconnect the Battery

A final measure is to disconnect the battery – a car alarm system can’t make any noise if it isn’t being powered. First, turn off your car and remove the keys. Open the hood and find the battery; you will notice two wires connecting to the top of the battery, these are the wires that power your car. Using a wrench, unscrew the side nut of each connector and lift the wires up and away from the battery. Make sure the negative side of the battery is the first to be disconnected and reconnected. This method is best when you are not regularly using the car, or to ensure that the alarm won’t go off at night.

If you have tried all of these methods, and your car’s alarm system is still malfunctioning, give us a shout and we can help you figure out what’s going on.

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