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Can You Name That Leak?

Here, we teach you how to use your 5 senses to save on maintenance costs and keep your vehicle safe. Don't miss these pro tips, from our shop to you.

Cleaning a Driveway Oil Spill

Anyone who DIYs oil changes will eventually spill a few drops. Oil stains can be incredibly stubborn. Here are our top tips for cleaning your next driveway spill.

Are Your Mirrors Crystal Clear?

Low visibility makes winter driving especially dangerous. Ensuring that your mirrors are in perfect condition will help you stay attuned to other road-users.

Go Digital in 2024

Your vehicle's owner's manual is the Rosetta Stone for keeping your vehicle in good condition. Here is how to find the digital edition for your car.

Is Road Salt Bad For Our Cars?

In case you missed it, winter is here and soon it will be cold! With winter comes road salt, here is what you need to know about road salt's effects on your car.

Natural Windshield Defrosting Hack

It's already December! With cold temperatures are just around the corner, here is a good trick to help your chilly mornings go a bit smoother.

Tire Tread Noise

When people talk about car noise, they often focus on the engine. But, as it turns out, our tires can be responsible for more volume than most people think.

Should You Buy New or Used?

The first question anyone on the car market needs to ask themselves is: new or used? Here is a guide to help you figure out what's best for you.

Does Your Steering Wheel Shake?

A shaking steering wheel is not a problem that should be ignored. Here are three of the most common reasons for a shaking wheel, and how you can handle it.
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