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Why Your Headlights Flicker

Headlights are a critical safety device, especially as fall approaches. Here are the reasons for flickering headlights and what you can do to fix the problem.

Vehicle Maintenance to Save You Money

When it’s time for car maintenance, most of us think of the cost. Here are some wise words about how proper maintenance will actually save you money.

How to Sell Your Car

Here is a simple 4-step guide to selling your car: how to prepare your vehicle for sale, paperwork you need, marketing advice, and closing the deal.

What Are Transponder Keys?

Transponder keys can be finicky, but ultimately they are an important part of your vehicle’s overall security system. Here is the deal with transponder keys.

3 Categories of Coolant Leaks

Have you been noticing a puddle of green or orange liquid under your car? Is your vehicle overheating? You may have a coolant leak. Here is some info.

Signs of Power Steering Gone Bad

Your power steering system makes driving easier and safer. Here are the signs and symptoms that something is starting to go awry with your system.

How to Clean Driveway Oil Stains

Every driveway-DIY mechanic knows that motor oil stains concrete and asphalt. Here’s how to clean those pesky stains and get your driveway nice and clean.

Which Jumper Cables Should You Buy?

Along with a spare tire, blanket, water, and a few energy bars, jumper cables are an absolutely essential part of your car safety kit. Here’s how to choose them.

How to Make Your Car Happy

Nothing will put a big smile on your car's... er... radiator grill as much as a proper wash. Here is an easy-to-follow 9-step car wash process, just for you.

5 DIY Maintenance Tasks

Being able to take care of a few basic automotive maintenance tasks will save you money, and you might even have a bit of fun. Here are five good ones to start with.

Your Guide to Tire Balancing

Balanced tires are an important part of safe, efficient driving. Here is what you need to know before heading to the shop for your next tire balancing.

Reasons for Head Gasket Failure

The head gasket seals the engine's cylinder head from the block. Here is why that gasket may fail - it is a serious issue, so it's good to know what's going on.
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