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Winterizing Your Car

Getting your car ready for winter is important. Being stuck on the side of the road is no fun, and that goes double when it's raining or snowing! Here are our tips.

The Details on Winter Tires

Winter is a dangerous time to be on the road. Here is some information about winter tires, and how to tell the different varieties apart. Stay safe out there!

How to Stay on Top of Recalls

Vehicle recalls sound scary, but usually, they are small problems that are free to fix. Here's how to learn about recalls and register for automatic notifications.

Using Your Ear

Musicians often tell each other to "use your ear" - well, mechanics tell each other the same thing! Here is what you can learn about your car just by listening.

Are Your Spark Plugs Going Bad?

If you've noticed your vehicle running less efficiently, possibly even a little rough, one thing to check is the condition of the spark plugs. Here's some more info.

All About Octane: Additives (3/3)

This is the final part of our mini-series on fuel. Today we're focusing on high-octane fuels, specifically the various additives and detergents that they boast.

All About Octane: Performance (2/3)

Here is part two in our "octane" series. Today we are covering how different types of fuel affect performance driving, and whether it's worth it for your car.

All About Octane (Part 1/3)

This is the first part of a three-part series on fuel octane. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about octane out there, so here are the answers you need.

The Three Signs of Imbalanced Tires

Imbalanced tires will interfere with your ability to drive safely and efficiently. Here are the three major signs of tire imbalance, and what you can do about it.

How to Clean Stubborn Oil Stains

If you've ever done an oil change in your driveway, or owned a car with a leak, you'll understand how stubborn oil stains can be. Here is how to clean oil stains.

These Habits are Killing Your Car

Even routine driving generates huge forces and high temperatures for our cars. Here are a few simple habits you can change to reduce the stress on your car.
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