I know, I know, this is very basic. This is the kind of thing everyone’s Dad taught them when they first started out driving. Even so, this is something that many people are uncomfortable doing, are not 100% sure how to do it safely, and often avoid and just call CAA instead of doing it themselves. This illustrated walkthrough will show you how to do it safely and will stay on this page for you to reference if you ever get in a jam, bookmark it for reference.

First off, be sure you get a good set of jumper cables and keep them in your trunk along with your spare tire and jack. You never know when you will need any of those pieces of emergency gear. When you are picking out your jumper cables they should be:

  1. Heavy wire gauge so they can handle the voltage;
  2. Well insulated to handle the heavy gauge wire;
  3. Very long! Don’t settle for less than 16 feet long;
  4. Have heavy duty clamps so they don’t slip during use.

Once you have them, you need to know how to use them. This illustrated tutorial will show you the correct order for connecting the cables, how to get the battery charged up again, and the order of disassembly. There is no shame in needing to brush up every now and then, and this could save you from serious injury (or a seriously scary spark shower).