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ICBC Safety Inspections

Whether you’re moving to B.C. (welcome!), leaving the province or just moving around the corner, here’s what you need to know.

First you are going to need to register, license, and insure your vehicle after arriving in BC, then you have to switch to a BC driver’s licence. It is very important that you follow the guidelines and get your registration done in time, it can be a very costly ticket if you are not up to date! Here are the time frames:

You have 30 days to register, license, and insure your vehicle after arriving in BC.

You have 90 days to switch to a BC driver’s licence.

Time & Expense
Time 2/10
Expense 2/10
How to Get Insured

This is where a licensed inspector comes in. As an ICBC designated inspection facility, we are able to inspect your car after you arrive in Victoria, which is known as a “Provincial Safety Inspection”. Vehicles being driven in BC for the first time must be inspected at a provincial designated inspection facility to ensure that they meet B.C.’s safety standards.

What We Check For

The inspection guidelines require us to check for problems in 8 different areas:

  • Documentation: Does the car have a valid VIN number?
  • Driver’s Controls: We check the horn, mirrors, heaters, parking break, power steering, gauges etc. to confirm that all of the driver accessible controls are working properly.
  • Body Integrity: We check that all of the seats, seat belts, doors, floors, bumpers, and air bags are all in full working order.
  • Undercarriage: This includes an inspection of everything from the tires, to the ball joints, shocks, bearings, fuel system, and exhaust. Everything from the tip to the tail that makes the car run smoothly.
  • Brakes: When it comes to safety the breaking system is key. We inspect the brakes themselves, the master cylinder, brake lines and hoses.
  • Engine Compartment: This includes the hood and safety catch, the vacuum system, power train and fuel system.
  • Lighting and Electrical: All the batteries and switches are checked from the headlights to the indicators.
  • Windshield: This is a big one! Any cracks or chips that are blocking the driver’s view will result in a failed test.
What If Your Vehicle Fails?

If your car fails there are several options available. We don’t require that you have the repairs done at our shop before we release the car to you. You are welcome to carry out the repairs yourself and bring the car back to us to finish the inspection paperwork. You don’t even need to pay for a second inspection, we just verify that the required repairs have been completed, and we give the car a pass on the inspection form. Of course we are happy to help you carry out any of the required repairs, and since the car is already in the shop, it can be the fastest way to get your car insured and back on the road. Just give us a shout and we can book your inspection appointment as soon as possible.

New to BC? We have your inspection covered, just send us a note right here.

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