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Power Steering Fluid

Power steering is provided on almost all cars via a hydraulic pump which assists the driver in turning the steering wheel with manageable effort. Like all fluids in your vehicle, power steering fluid wears out over time and must be replaced in order to ensure proper vehicle control and the longevity of steering components.

Time & Expense
Time 2/10
Expense 2/10
What's Involved?

We perform a visual and sometimes audible inspection on the power steering system. If needed, we flush the old fluid and refill the system with new manufacturer approved fluid. We are looking for dark, murky, burnt smelling steering fluid similar to what we look for in transmission fluid (since they are both hydraulic fluids).

When you are in for your regularly scheduled maintenance we will take a look at all of your vital fluids, including your power steering fluid, but if you notice any of the symptoms above it is worth scheduling a quick visit to have us take a look. Just give us a call or email us to set up something right away.

Power Steering FAQ

What happens if I never change it?

The examples of wear and tear to the most expensive components above are of key concern, but damage to those parts can come in a round about way. When the fluid is burnt and worn it will corrode the seals and rings which will cause a power steering fluid leak. The dangerously low level of fluid will be a major cause of damage, especially if you rarely check the level of your power steering fluid.

What are the symptoms of worn out fluid?

If you hear a whining or moaning noise when you turn the steering wheel, you should have your power-steering system checked. Your power-steering pump may be about to fail. Also, if you notice a leak of any kind, you should definitely check your power-steering fluid level and make sure you keep it topped up. Running out of fluid will cause a serious problem with the power steering fluid pump.

In need of a flush? We have you covered, just send us a note right here.

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