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At Local Motors, there is only one thing that matters to us, and that is customer retention and satisfaction. With each new client and every regularly scheduled maintenance, we try to give the same unbeatable service backed by honest and transparent communication. We believe that our customers deserve to know what is going on with their vehicle, we believe that they can understand the elements involved to come to an educated decision, and we are happy to share every bit of knowledge that we can to help you make informed choices.

Vehicle maintenance can be overwhelming for people without a mechanical background, that is why we built this site. To help educate our clients, increase transparency between the auto shop and our customers, and empower you, our readers and patrons, to build your confidence in us as your trusted auto repair shop. Have a look at just a few of our customer testimonials, we beam with pride every time we read it.

Not the cheapest, but the best

I am never looking for the cheapest, but I am looking for the best value. That means high quality work for competitive prices. I want to leave with a sense that my money was well spent and not a penny was wasted. That is why I keep coming back to Local Motors, time and time again.

Complete Transparency

When I needed a big repair and didn't completely understand why it was necessary, Local Motors when the extra mile. Using their site, I was able to see working models of the engine components that needed repair and I could see clearly why it shouldn't be put off. My mind was put at ease and I was floored by their honesty and transparency.

No shortcuts!

There is one reason I keep coming back to Local Motors, and that is quality of workmanship. Everything is done right and they don't take any shortcuts. That means they respect me and my family's safety, which means the world to me.

Done in record time!

The guys at Local Motors were quick to diagnose my problem, get me a quote, and then get me back in the road good as new. With a schedule like mine, quality and speed go hand in hand!

Fleet maintenance done right

With my fleet of taxis needing regular service, the team at Local Motors know exactly what is important: Keeping them on the road and minimizing downtime. They do it better than anybody and I can't recommend them enough.

An honest quote

I came to Local Motors with a suspicious quote I received from another mechanic. They gave me the inside scoop on what needed to be done and when, saving me tons of time and money, and gaining my trust forever. Having a mechanic you can trust is worth its weight in gold.

Same day service

I have been blown away when Local Motors has been able to get me in the same day when I have had major issues with my vehicle. With my profession, I can't be off the road for long. Local Motors goes the extra mile for me every time. What more could you ask for?

People I trust!

I love getting to know the mechanics at Local Motors. I have always worried in the past about being taken advantage of, but now that use Local Motors I know my guys at the shop and trust them to take care of me.

Not just bills, but explanations too

The team at Local Motors is completely transparent. They are happy to explain what needs to be done now and what can wait, what is the best use of my car repair budget, and they aren't afraid to explain what they are doing to my vehicle in a way I can understand. Thanks guys!

Hybrids? No problem!

When I bought my Prius I was worried about where to get it serviced. Local Motors has all the tools needed to service the batteries and electric engine, and they don't charge an arm and a leg to get it done just because it is new technology. I appreciate that, and I will always come back for more.

Young family, small budget

With a growing family and a pile of expenses, I need a mechanic that knows how to stick to a budget and give me sound advice on what needs repairs and when. No scams, no tricks, just great advice and high quality, affordable service. Local Motors does it for me, every time.

Great service, even on small jobs

I love the level of professionalism I receive from Local Motors, even when I am just in for a quick oil change. They don't rush you though just because it is an inexpensive service. When they are working on my car, it feels like I am the most important client they will have all day.

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