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As the new year is upon us, we have been shaking up a few things on the website to give us some room to grow, increase the information available for our customers, and be as transparent as possible about all of the services we provide. We are happy to announce the first section of our dedicated services pages which are live now under the “Services” menu above. We have highlighted a few things in the photos above so you can see what to expect as we build out these pages for each area of the shop. We have started with Vital Fluids, some of the most common services we offer, and we will build from there over the next few months.


1. Mega Menu

You can mouse over the “Services” menu item to go to our Services Overview page for the broad strokes, or go to our in-depth services pages grouped by their classification. Vital fluids is shown above.


2. Time & Expense

This area of the service page gives you an at-a-glance idea of how big of a job we are talking about. You can see that oil changes are quick and inexpensive, and services like timing belts and engine rebuilds will tip the scales in the other direction. The “time” portion is a reflection of billable labour hours and “expense” gives an idea of how expensive the parts are.


3. Service Description & Procedure

Here is where we outline exactly what the service is, why it is important, and the steps we take to carry out the job. If you have any concerns about what a service entails, this is the place to look.


4. FAQ

We have been taking customer questions in our “From the Mailbag” segment of the website and on Facebook over the last year, so we will incorporate all of the most commonly asked questions in the accordion section below the service description. If you have a question to add you can contact us through our web form on the contact page anytime. We are always happy to elaborate.


5. Meet the Team & Make an Appointment

We are very proud of our team and at the bottom of each page we introduce them to you so you know who will be greeting you when you arrive. You can click to read more about them and see their experience and qualifications, or you can click above them to reach our contact page.  We take appointments by phone and email Monday to Friday.

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