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When the sun is out and the frost and rain are a distant memory, there are a handful of things you need to do to get your car ready for the busy driving season. Here is a quick list with a few pro tips to make your transition even easier next year.

Dirty Underbelly

Slippery wintertime conditions mean more salt on the road, and more salt on the road in winter means leftover salt deposits on the undercarriage of your car even after winter is gone. Salt is a major contributor to rust so it needs to be taken care of. Tip: At home or at the wand wash it can be hard to spray the underside of your vehicle. Instead, drive through a touchless car wash. The spray nozzles will get to the underside of your vehicle when you drive in and remove all of that leftover salt before it can do any damage.

Winter Tire Removal (With Free Tire Rotation)

Once the weather is not hovering around the freezing point it is time to remove your winter tires and replace them with your regular all seasons. Tip: If you label each tire with their placement as you remove them, you can rotate the tires when you put them back on in the fall you can rotate them so they wear evenly each winter season. Don’t forget: Check the tire pressure on your summer tires and make sure they did not run low over the off-season.

Allergy Alert: Cabin Air Filter

Many people suffer from severe allergies to the blooming flora, but as part of your regular maintenance, we can help to alleviate the symptoms while you are in your vehicle. Riding through the vehicle’s open windows and on the coattails of that pleasant outdoor breeze are unwanted, tiny, harmful visitors – pollen, mold and various kinds of particulate matter that can irritate the eyes, the nose and throat passages. Particulate matter from tire wear, diesel exhaust, dirt, dust, soot and other outdoor sources are especially aggravating to asthma and allergies sufferers. Tip: Drive with the windows up and let your cabin air filter capture the particulate matter before it can aggravate you. As part of your next oil change, we will check your cabin air filter to make sure it is squeaky clean.

Summer Travels

Spring turns into summer, which brings holiday travels. More time on the road in higher temperatures means more wear and tear on your vehicle. Tip: Be sure to check your coolant and transmission fluid levels before heading out. They need to be checked because you will be taking longer drives and the weather will be warmer so those fluids will be working harder to protect your vehicle.

Coolness Factor

Before the dog days of summer come around, have a seat in your car and blast the A/C. After the winter months, the Air Conditioner could require a top-up of refrigerant. If the air is not as cool as you would like, just bring it by. We can have it pressure tested and recharged as needed.

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