A car’s exhaust can tell you a lot about the state of your vehicle (and about its impact on the environment). Things can be running seemingly fine everywhere else, but smoke from the exhaust can tell a whole other story. Different coloured exhaust smoke is one of the biggest signs that you have a problem somewhere, but which colour relates to what problem and what exactly should you do about it?

This short blog series is going to be about the causes and remedies of blue, black, and white smoke from your engine exhaust. Today we take a look at black smoke, what it means, and how to fix it.


Black Smoke

Black exhaust smoke means the engine is burning too much fuel. The first think you should check is your air-filter and other intake components like sensors, fuel injectors and the fuel-pressure regulator.

Other reasons could be a clogged fuel return line. Black smoke is usually the easiest issue to diagnose and fix, but burning unnecessary fuel will definitely affect your fuel economy, so don’t think of avoiding this one to save money, any delay will be very costly.


What is the smoke is Greyish?

Grey smoke is hard to diagnose directly. Like blue smoke, it can mean that the car is burning oil or if your vehicle is so equipped it could be suffering from a bad turbocharger. Take the same precautions as with blue smoke, and check for excessive oil consumption. You can read all about why this happens and how to fix it right here.

If you have a pre 2000 year vehicle then grey smoke could possibly be an issue with your automatic transmission fluid getting burned up in the engine. A faulty transmission vacuum modulator would be the culprit in this situation, leading to transmission fluid getting sucked into the engine and getting burned up. There are a few other potential culprits, so if you are not mechanically inclined and you see plumes of grey or black smoke, it is best to bring it in for a service.


Who to Call

Are you having excessive black or grey smoke from your vehicle? Maybe a rough idle and misfiring engine? Be in touch anytime, we are happy to help you diagnose it.

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  1. Isaac Abasi says:

    Please how should I correct excessive fuel consumption of fuel in my car?

  2. Give us a call with some details and we can help you out Isaac!

  3. Anthony Clinton says:

    Hi. I have a 2003 hyandi santa fe 4×4. There’s a few issues, slipping clutch, bouncy suspension and now black smoke. When accelerating there is a loss of power.

  4. Just send us a message through our contact form to get a service tech. Thanks Anthony!

  5. Musa Gina says:

    Hi, I have a 1998 Nissan Sentra 1.6 GXI, I just replaced a faulty injector as it was running with 3 injectors for a long time, the engine was also resealed, after this the engine is now idling high, no matter what adjustment the mechanic could do it doesn’t idle Normal, it’s too high. Plz help

  6. All service questions need to be sent through our contact page so a tech can assist you. Thanks!

  7. Lukey snipe says:

    I have a 2005 vibe and black smoke is coming out the tail pipe don’t no if its the cause of the fan not working right or do you think it’s something elsr

  8. Bennie says:

    I have a golf 3 GTI my map sensor was bad l bought other one then the car started to take out black smoke and the idling rough and a hard start please help

  9. All service questions should go through the contact page. Thanks!

  10. All service questions should go through the contact page. Thanks!

  11. Honda uk says:

    I changed the engine of my vehicle but is bringing out block smoke please what is the solution

  12. Dan Collins says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Now I know where to send my car. This is such a great help.

  13. Thanks for reaching out! Just send us a message right here.

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