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519 Ellice Street
Victoria, BC
V8T 2G8

(250) 382-1113 Mon-Fri 8am - 5PM

When I needed a big repair and didn’t completely understand why it was necessary, Local Motors when the extra mile. Using their site, I was able to see working models of the engine components that needed repair and I could see clearly why it shouldn’t be put off. My mind was put at ease and I was floored by their honesty and transparency.

I came to Local Motors with a suspicious quote I received from another mechanic. They gave me the inside scoop on what needed to be done and when, saving me tons of time and money, and gaining my trust forever. Having a mechanic you can trust is worth its weight in gold.

The team at Local Motors is completely transparent. They are happy to explain what needs to be done now and what can wait, what is the best use of my car repair budget, and they aren’t afraid to explain what they are doing to my vehicle in a way I can understand. Thanks guys!

I love getting to know the mechanics at Local Motors. I have always worried in the past about being taken advantage of, but now that use Local Motors I know my guys at the shop and trust them to take care of me.

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