Q: “My commute for work starts very early in the morning, and the cold weather is really slowing me down. What can I do about my frosted windows?” Iced Over in Victoria

A: Great question. People have been wondering about this since the beginning of motoring, and while we touched on this a bit in our article on why you should use your A/C in winter, we wanted to go a bit more in-depth in this article.

Below you will find a fantastic video that outlines all of the things you need to know about condensation and how it forms. To simplify things a bit without being redundant, here is what you need to know. If you zoomed in on the frost/condensation on your windshield you would see that it is just microscopic water droplets. With that in mind, defrosting the window is really just a matter of drying off the window with the air from your vents.

This is when you have to wonder what type of air is the driest, and therefore will be the most able to absorb the moisture on the glass. The video below is worth a look and it goes in depth about the how and why behind the perfect defroster settings. Click and watch the video, then we will show you the best settings after the jump, so bookmark this page in case you forget!



Best Settings
  1. Heater on FULL BLAST
  2. A/C: ON
  3. Inside Air Ciculation: OFF
  4. Crack the Windows

Give it a try tomorrow morning and let us know how it worked for you. The science doesn’t lie!

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