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Top Ten of 2014 FeaturedAfter a wonderful year of blogging about automotive care, answering customer questions, and giving tips about how to save time and money, we put together our top ten most popular posts from 2014. Some underdogs made it into top billing, and some familiar faces as well. Let’s see what caught people’s attention this year:

Top Ten of 2014 2#10 Running on Empty

When gas prices are high, people want to save at the pump, but we show you how running on empty can cost you more than you think: Read more…

Top Ten of 2014 1

#9 Q&A: Paint Chips and Rocket Launchers

We explain when paint chips should be repainted for free, and YES, your car does have a built in rocket launcher! Read more…

Top Ten of 2014 3

#8 Apprenticeship Program

The Apprentice: Parkside Edition. Have a look at how Parkside Motors partners with Camosun College to give young students a living wage while learning valuable skills and graduating with a wealth of job experience. Read more…

Top Ten of 2014 4

#7 Warning Lamps: Red Light Edition

We used a clever trick to let you mouse over the warning lamps on your dashboard to see them up close and explained how to take action. Mouse on over: Read more…

Top Ten of 2014 5

#6 Need to Know: Oil Changes

Oil Changes. This was our first article ever and set the tone for a year of sharing our knowledge of the basics. Required reading for car owners: Read more…

Top Ten of 2014 6

#5 Q&A: Tire Squealing

Q&A with Andrew Kralt on why your car might be squealing in reverse. It was even more common than we thought: Read more…

Top Ten of 2014 7

#4 What Makes an Honest Mechanic

The 4 things to look for to identify an honest mechanic. Since “honest work for good value” is our motto, this is something we think about a lot. Read more…

Top Ten of 2014 8

#3 Tips: Why You Should Use Your A/C in the Winter

Why you should use your A/C in the winter time. It is not just for summer anymore. Read more…

Top Ten of 2014 9

#2 Should I Buy a New, High Mileage Car?

Should you buy a new high mileage car? We help you save time and money with a bit of easy to remember advice right here: Read more…

Top Ten of 2014 10

#1 ICBC Safety Inspections: Moving to Victoria

People love Victoria just as much as we do, and when they decide to move here for good, they come to Parkside to navigate ICBC provincial inspections.

We show you how it works right here, and give you and your car a warm welcome to BC: Read more…

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