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Although 2020 was a wild ride, it was a good year for us at Parkside. At the beginning of 2021, we thought it would be fun to take a look through our analytics to see which were the most popular posts of 2020. Below you’ll find the 5 most-read posts of the last year.

Why Does My Car Squeal in Reverse?

Q: “I have noticed recently that when I reverse in my car I hear a squealing sound from my back tires. What is going on? Is something stuck in there or something? It only happens in reverse and it goes away once I accelerate.”

Answers right here

How Does a Hammer Fix a Starter?

You may have heard of this little trick before. If you know the symptoms of a bad starter, you can shock your vehicle back to life long enough to get to a mechanic by giving your starter a tap with a hammer or solid metal object.

See why this is possible right here

Why Does My Car Keep Blowing Fuses?

Every vehicle has a fuse box somewhere in the cabin, usually underneath the steering column near your feet or hidden within the glove box. These fuses are safety devices consisting of a strip of wire that melts and breaks an electric circuit if that current exceeds a safe level.

Here is why yours keep blowing

My Car Sounds Like an Airplane. Why?

You would be shocked at how often we hear this one!  Sometimes it can be tricky to diagnose, only because what some people call an “airplane” noise someone else might call a “growl,” “hum,” or “sputtering”.

Click here to find out what’s going on

Why Does My Truck Have Two Batteries?

Ah yes, that is a good question. The first time you get a big truck and take a look under the hood you might just do a double take when you see two batteries instead of one. The two batteries are for higher cranking amps, which are needed for the high resistance load that a diesel engine requires during starting.

Click here for more detail

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