We were hard at work last month writing in-depth articles about all aspects of brake service. We learned how the brakes work, how we maintain and repair them, what to do when your brake light comes on, and when it is time for a brake fluid flush to keep everything working smoothly. Take a look at this brake repair article round-up and follow the links to get more information.

Need To Know: ABS Brakes

When the ABS light is illuminated, it is a warning that the anti lock braking system is not working. The conventional braking system on your vehicle is still safe and fully functioning but once the light is displayed the anti-locking enhancement has been automatically disengaged. That is when a scan tool is required to interrogate the ABS computer to discover the fault codes associated with it.

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Need To Know: Brake Fluid Flushes

Brake fluid is contaminated over time due to extreme pressure, heat, and exposure to moisture. Failing to replace the fluid can impair braking ability. Learn about how we diagnose the problem and how you can recognize the symptoms in this very valuable “Need to Know”.

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Need To Know: Brake Jobs

Knowing that your brakes are in good working order brings peace of mind. This inspection helps identify parts that are worn or no longer meet design specifications before they damage other parts of the brake system. Read about everything involved in the repair, how we inspect them, and when it is important to perform a brake service.

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In need of a service?

Is it time for a brake service on one of your vehicles? Just give us a shout and we can set an appointment and get you back on the road in no time.

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