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Do Accidents Affect Warranties?

Sometimes it feels like warranties are intentionally confusing. Some are comprehensive, others are very specific. Here's how to navigate the world of warranties.

Is it Worth it to Buy Brand New?

Is it worth it to buy a new car? You get to be in control of its entire maintenance history and enjoy that "new car smell", but also must stomach the depreciation.

Find Your Digital Owner’s Manual

Your vehicle's owner's manual contains a wealth of information to help you keep your car in good condition. Here is how to find a digital version for your car.

Why Your Battery Keeps Dying

Electrical troubles can keep you home-bound or even leave you stranded. Here are the most common reasons for electrical failure, and what you can do.

Can I Tow My Boat?

We get this one fairly often, and it usually goes something like this: “So… I have a boat and a car… can I tow my boat with my car? Or do I have to buy a truck?”

The Causes of Headlight Flicker

Here are three main causes of flickering headlights. Headlights are an important safety feature, and it's important that yours are functioning properly.

Why Your Steering Wheel Shakes

Here are the three most common reasons behind a shaking steering wheel. Don't ignore this issue for too long, as it could be symptomatic of a serious problem.

Summertime Car Prep: DIY vs Shop

Springtime car maintenance is critical for ensuring that your car stays in optimal condition. The good news is that many tasks can be undertaken at home.

Drive (Fuel) Efficiently

This post is a 5 step course on driving more efficiently to help save you a fortune at the fuel pump and reduce wear on your vehicle at the same time.

Are Run Flat Tires Right for You?

There are a few problems with run-flats that you should be aware of before deciding to take the plunge. Here are the pros and cons to take note of.

Tire Care Basics

Ever wonder what the most common car repairs are and how much they cost? This survey found some interesting results, along with some ideas for avoiding them.
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