Q&A: When should I switch to my winter tires?

As the weather starts to to turn you are right to be thinking about switching over to your winter tires. When is the right time to do it to stay safe? We give you all the details in this week's Q&A.

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Q&A: Why does my car squeal in reverse?

By Parkside Motors / October 20, 2014 / From The Mailbag / 9 Comments

Is your car squealing at low speeds or only in reverse? There is a simple explanation. Andrew Kralt is on the case in this week's Q&A.

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Q&A: Should I buy a new, high-mileage car?

By Parkside Motors / October 8, 2014 / From The Mailbag / No Comments

If a car is the latest model but has very high kilometres, is it a good purchase? See what the guys in the shop have to say in this week's "Q & A".

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From the Mailbag: Fading & Sweating

When it is hot and the sun is beating down on your car all day long, things can start to go wrong. See how you can cool things off and repair some damage to faded exterior parts and shorting out electronics.

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From the Mailbag: Rockets and Paint Chips

We get so many questions through the week about car maintenance and driving that we have decided to highlight some of the most interesting, weird, and wonderful topics here on the blog. This week: when paint chipping should be repainted for free, and YES, your car does have a built in rocket launcher.

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