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We were hard at work last month writing in-depth articles about all aspects of front end repair. We learned about what causes steering and suspension problems, the easy way to prevent driveshaft issues, and how often to change your power steering fluid to keep your car running smoothly. Take a look at this front-end article round-up and follow the links to get more information.


Need To Know: Power Steering Fluid

Power steering is provided on almost all cars via a hydraulic pump which assists the driver in turning the steering wheel with manageable effort. Like all fluids in your vehicle, power steering fluid wears out over time and must be replaced in order to ensure proper vehicle control and the longevity of steering components.

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Need To Know: Driveshaft Repair

Today we are giving you a little insight on problems that arise with driveshafts, axle shafts, and CV joints. The most important takeaway, though, is that these problems can be caught and repair quickly and effectively. All you need to do is be sure to bring your car in for its regularly scheduled oil change and we inspect these parts to catch any issues before they become big problems.

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Need To Know: Steering & Suspension

You know the old story of the frog in the boiling pot of water? It heats up so gradually he doesn’t even notice until it is too late. That is a good analogy for steering and suspension problems. The symptoms are very gradual and they are easy to miss. That is why we take every car that comes in for an oil change out for a test drive. We notice these symptoms right away and do a front end inspection to make sure your steering and suspension systems are up to snuff.

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