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For many of us, getting in our vehicles and enjoying the open road gives us pleasure and a sense of freedom. It can be easy to take for granted how complicated driving is, and forget how difficult it is for those of us who are just learning. Driving is one of the most complex things we do all day, and it takes years of practice to get to a point where we are comfortable and confident motorists.

Although there are many resources available for study, no amount of reading can adequately prepare someone for the act of driving. It is something that just takes time, attention, thought, and patience. Most of us started as teens, and many of today’s teens have a difficult time getting behind the wheel. Our first drive can be overwhelming, but everyone can learn and become safe drivers.


Distractions are potentially the biggest pitfall for young drivers. Teens can be susceptible to peer pressure regarding speed, driving under the influence, or not wearing a seatbelt. It’s important to discuss the importance of these factors to new drivers.

One area that today’s teens have to contend with, that many of us didn’t, is texting. We often feel pressured to acknowledge and respond to messages immediately – this pressure is especially strong among young people. Unfortunately, texting and driving is responsible for serious accidents every year. Make sure the young driver in your life understands why their attention is needed on the road 100% of the time, and demonstrate good driving habits.

Safety is #1

Driving safely is the biggest priority for motorists; everyone just wants to get from A to B. Simple things like wearing a seatbelt, following proper road conduct, adhering to local rules and laws, and remaining free of distractions are the best ways we can make the roads a safer place.

Gaining mechanical knowledge about your vehicle can also be a great way to increase safety, as well as enjoy your vehicle more and save money along the way. When it comes to teaching someone how to drive, patience and experience are the key ingredients to a successful motoring career.

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