Are Bigger Cars Safer?

One of the major driving forces behind the explosion in popularity of the SUV is that people feel safer in a bigger vehicle. Is there any merit to this argument? Here are the details.

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Is it Bad to Run Your Tank to Empty

By Parkside Motors / April 13, 2021 / Fact or Myth? / No Comments

Will running your tank close to empty put unnecessary stress on your fuel pump? Here are the answers from our experts.

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Should I Buy Generic Tires?

When shopping for new tires, you have the option to purchase "OE" tires or you can search for a new brand and model. Which is the best option? Find out here.

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Do Manual Transmissions Get Better Mileage?

By Parkside Motors / October 15, 2019 / Fact or Myth? / No Comments

There is a ton of false information out there. Many people think a manual transmission will get them better fuel economy, but is this still true today?

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Round-Up: Automatic Transmissions

We have been busy over the last month writing articles that address many of the questions and concerns we are faced at the shop regarding automatic transmissions. Below is a quick round up of our latest work. Spend some time digging around, we think you will like what you find.

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Myth or Fact: I Should Coast In Neutral to Save Fuel

There is a ton of false information out there. Some of it is misguided, and some of it is just left over from when vehicles were made in a different way to completely different regulations. This week we decide if coasting in neutral to save fuel is a fact or myth.

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Manual Transmission as Theft Deterrent: Fact or Myth?

By Parkside Motors / June 14, 2016 / Fact or Myth? / 2 Comments

Does having a manual transmission make your vehicle harder to steal? We asked the experts and this is what we found, in this week's "Fact or Myth?"

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Replace a belt with pantyhose: Fact or Myth?

By Parkside Motors / May 25, 2016 / Fact or Myth? / No Comments

As with most old wives tales and myths, they are rooted in at least a bit of truth. The question is, how much truth are we talking about here? This week we examine the adage that you can replace a snapped belt with pantyhose in a pinch...how much truth is there?

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Fix a Leak With a Raw Egg: Fact or Myth?

By Parkside Motors / May 17, 2016 / Fact or Myth? / No Comments

There is a ton of false information out there. Some of it is is partially true, some is completely misguided. But what about cracking an egg in your radiator to stop a leak? Get the skinny from our technicians as we put this myth to the test.

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